Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring Break, Bring It On!

I love Spring Break, never mind the fact that I haven't been in school for nine years now. I still love the idea of Spring Break. And it affects me in a smaller way -- my son does not have Mother's Day Out this week, and I do not have my choir rehearsal this week either (I am a pianist). So that gives us a nice long week with not much on the calendar.

I plan on using this week to catch up on a very long "to do" list, one that is dripping with unfinished projects. Oh, am I ever the Queen of Unfinished Projects. Yep, I love love love to start projects, but finishing them is a whole other story. I am hoping that this week will be different and the fact that I am posting my intentions on the blog (whether anyone reads it or not) will serve as some sort of accountability for me.

So, bring it on! Um, well, starting tomorrow that is. Isn't that what Mondays are for? Tonight I'm going to crash my lazy self on the sofa and watch a little HGTV, maybe all the while hoping and praying that I get a knock on my door with a camera crew telling me that I just won that big ole' house and a lot of money. Ha.

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