Sunday, March 30, 2008

Productive Sunday

How can it already be the end of the weekend? It has really flown by quickly around these parts.

My son came down with the croup, so he was confined to the house and unable to attend two birthday parties this weekend (not that he knew any of this since he is too little to really get it), but it also meant at least one of us was required to stick around the house all weekend as well. Perfect timing, since we have officially commenced on "Potty Training 2008" -- good times, good times, folks. All I can say is thank the good Lord above for "Elmo's Potty Time" DVD, Pull-ups training diapers, jellybeans (incentive to go #1 on the potty) and a cooperative toddler (for the most part). You would totally crack up if you came to our house and used the bathroom because there is a stack of 4 little wrapped presents sitting on top of the toilet -- bribes, if you will, for our son to go #2 on the potty, which has yet to happen. Oh, how I am hoping the presents will be enticing enough! Part of me is excited about the whole potty-training adventure, and part of me is so tired of it already. A trip to the potty every 20 minutes ALL DAY long is starting to really wear on this Mama...

My husband got a whole lot of work done on our son's room this weekend, so I was very excited about that. I will have to take some pictures of it tomorrow to show you what has been going on in there. And since I have sent all previously unfinished quilt tops off to the professional, I treated myself and started a new quilt top for fun with fabric I bought quite a while ago (being that one of my new goals is to use up fabric I already have). I used a "jolly pack" of Kaffe Fasset squares (from and some white cotton I already had a ton of. I totally stole the idea off of Creative Little Daisy's blog -- it is the Freshcut Doll Quilt from Better Homes and Gardens. The picture is all the squares laid out, prior to them being sewn together. So far I actually have the first six rows sewn. And I think I will be adding some borders to the whole thing as well to make it at least big enough to be a decent lap quilt size.

And I was also able to steal away a little bit today to go to a movie (thanks to my husband who stayed behind with the Potty Master) and got to see "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day". What a delightful movie -- I loved everything about it. The costumes, the music, the cast (phenomenal), and it even had the guy from Pushing Daisies on ABC, a fun little bonus. I'm so glad it was worth going to -- now that I am a mom, I rarely see movies actually in the theater, so they have to really be good for me to see them, and boy am I ever disappointed if they aren't!

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