Saturday, March 21, 2009

Oh, the things they say...

I have a big post that I need to type up about our comings-and-goings this past week, but before that I just had to stop a write down something my little guy said tonight at bedtime before I forget it.

I had been explaining to him about nicknames, and I was using myself as an example.

Me: A nickname is like this -- my name is Valerie, but sometimes people call me Val. Val is a nickname.

Boy: LaLa call you Bal sometimes, too! (LaLa is his name for my mom. We call her Abuela, which is grandmother in Spanish, and of course, that got shortened to LaLa when he couldn't say Abuela.)

Me: Yes, just like that!

Boy: And bad duys (bad guys) call you diarrhea.

Repeat after me: I love my three-year-old, I love my three-year-old, I love my three-year-old.


Karen said...

I totally crack up at the things kids say. I know it encourages them to be even MORE creative and outrageous with what they come up with but I can't help it, funny is funny, and bad guys call you diarrhea is FUNNY

katie said...

OK - THAT is hysterical! I'm laughing out loud right now!