Saturday, March 7, 2009

They say it's your birthday...

(Wow, three posts in one day from me. You are some lucky, lucky readers, that's all I'm sayin', haha...)

My sister-in-law's birthday was yesterday, so the boy and I took a little roadtrip (get your kicks on Route 66, for reals) to spend part of the day with her and the three nephews, age 4 and under. Yep, that would add up to 4 boys, age 4 and under. Good times, good times. Isn't that how you would want to spend your birthday? Yeah, I thought not. Ha.

I thought I would share what I bought her for her birthday. First I picked out this absolutely adorable tote bag from the Gap:

(the one on the right, purpley-blue with a red hanging card holder -- this picture is straight off the Gap website on the "accessory" page, yet the tote bags aren't listed???)

Anyway, I got this bag on sale at my local Gap store (a bit dangerous that it is within walking distance from my casa). Then I found the perfect "part two" of the gift to fit in that little red hanging card holder -- customizable mommy calling cards from the etsy seller "Sarah and Abraham".

Aren't they adorable? I figured since my sister-in-law has three little guys, she would be able to use these. They can be handed out for playdate information, etc. I picked out three cute little boy silhouettes to put in the bottom left hand corner.

So there you have it -- an easy and cute birthday present for any fab mom in your life.


~Courtney said...

I tried commenting a second ago so sorry if it double posts. I love the cards...ultra cute. Too bad people would think I was a freak if I starting passing them out at the bark park!

Annie H. said...

wow, what a great great sister in law you are! So SWEET! and thoughtful.

Heather said...

those cards are the cutest! And love the tote! Its fun to ride rt 66 :) its less than a mile from my house!~