Thursday, March 5, 2009

A post filled with absolutely nothing of great importance.

The little guy keeps getting more and more funny, the more verbal he becomes. I wish I could remember each and every little funny thing he says throughout the day, but at least I have a few to share.

Since he took a really great nap the other afternoon, I let him stay up and watch the first hour of American Idol with me. He was pretty excited to stay up and watch a "Mama show", even if he really was clueless that it was a competition, and that some of the contestants were great performers while some weren't so great, etc. He just knew that people were singing, and he would let out a loud "Yay!" for each of the ones he heard.

Some funnies from right when the show started:

On seeing the judges, he automatically pointed to Simon Cowell (who hadn't yet spoken a word) and said: "Dat a bad duy, Mama?" (Everything in his world relates to whether you are a "good duy" or a "bad duy".) And no, I didn't prompt him on that one. He immediately recognized Simon as the villian.

On seeing Kara Dioguardi (the newest judge), his immediate reaction was "We hah same heh, Mama!!!!! SAME HEH!!!!" (We have the same hair, Mama!) And um, no, my boy has a short black fauxhawk, and bless her heart, Kara definitely does not.

And I cannot let it go by without bragging on my boy for a second. I made homemade pizza for dinner, and after he took a bite, he declared, "DEEYISHOUS, Mama!" (Delicious!) "Dank you for making me peezuh, Mama!"

All of that drilling the polite phrases in his head for so long has really paid off. My boy is pretty quick to offer up a please, a thank you, an excuse me, a sorry, or a you're welcome all on his own and almost always at the appropriate moment. I can't tell you how happy that makes me. (It sure helps to make up for all of the typical three-year-old-boy-naughtiness that also goes on.)

And this morning in the car while listening to one of my infamous music mix CD's:
"I got rock 'n roll, Mama. I got rock 'n roll." Ha! I didn't even know he knew that term, rock 'n roll.

* * *

Since I am one of the biggest procrastinators, I thought it would only be fair of me to share a fun time-waster with you. Behold, a SuperHero Factory. Thanks, Alexis.

Here I am, in all my SuperHero glory:

If only this little mock-up actually came with real superpowers, then I'd be set. I could get my house sparkling clean and my chores done flat in no time at all...

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