Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rocket Man vs. Piano Man

Tonight I had the privilege to spend the evening with two amazing men. Yep, I said two. Literally two-timing, if you will.

For over three and a half hours, I spent my evening with these two guys:

(For those of you who might possibly have been living under a rock for the past 30 years or so, that's Sir Elton John on the left and Billy Joel on the right.)

Seriously unbelievable. No opening acts. No intermissions. From 7:30pm until a little past 11pm, I (and about 17,999 of my closest friends) was treated to quite the amazing concert. Three and a half hours, PEOPLE. Non-stop. How many concerts have you been to where you truly got your money's worth out of the ticket?

If you possibly live in a city that these two will be passing through, DO. NOT. MISS. OUT.

And since I realize there are hardly ever photos of myself on here, I will oblige and post a photo from tonight, all dolled up and ready to rock 'n roll with my mom and one of my aunts at the concert. It's not too often that this mama gets the makeup out and the heels on, so here you go.

You didn't really think I would post an everyday photo of me on here? Pshaw. No one needs to see that.


Annie H. said...

You look great and I love the blue door. Looks like you were all dolled up for a pretty awesome concert. Heard it was phenomenal and I knew you would be there!

~Michelle~ said...

For serious?? I would love to see those boys in concert - very lucky!