Sunday, March 22, 2009

Repeat visitors

Ugh. Apparently it's that time again. Time for the "wolfies" to come visiting.

Wolfies, you ask?

Yes, wolfies. The lovely little (or should I say, HUGE) wolf spiders that have come once again to my basement, running from pile to pile of sorted laundry, just waiting to freak me out every time I discover one. At least my research last spring led me to understand that they aren't really harmful, just crazy scary looking is all. They occasionally bite, but aren't poisonous or considered deadly. Oh, and they can be mistaken for their lookalike friends, the brown recluse, a very poisonous spider, which is often commonly found in Wonderland. (So I'm at least praying this fella is a wolfie and not a brownie.) See, don't you feel so much better? Haha. Yep, I thought so.

(picture from the web somewhere, and yes, my little wolfie visitor this afternoon was larger than this little fella)

Let me guess. You're thanking your lucky stars you don't live at my house right now.


Thyen Party of Four said...


I hate Wolf Spiders - did you know that my mom was bit by a brown recluse - when I was little - nasty stuff. One was lurking in our basement storage area (NOT where you guys stay when you visit) - but still. ISHY - stay away from those eight legged guys - brown or wolf - they're just plane yucky!

LauraJ said...

My first thought was: Holy Crap! I think I would litterally crap myself if I had those things in my laundry! Ugh! Poor you!

Annie H. said...

oh my. we had those in my house growing up, that and field spiders. Can you say "huge." They would climb in our drains and into the bathtub, so just as I would be jumping into the shower.... EEK!!!

Sam said...

Yuck! I don't mind a dadly legs but big creepy bugs. Yuck. I am glad I don't live at your house!

Baloney said...

I uncovered one at my sister's last week when I picked up some towels off of the floor. Since I was barefoot I freaked! I whacked it to death with my nephew's croc and nearly broke my finger doing it. LOL.
Wolf Spiders may not be deadly, but they also don't run the other way when they see you.