Saturday, March 28, 2009


Here in Wonderland we have already experienced springtime. There are plenty of tulips to be found, lots of green that has already burst forth, and temperatures that have already climbed up into the low 80's. And yet today, this is what it looks like at our casa:

Even the Ruff Life Resort (the doghouse) is looking a bit winter-fied:

Not only are we getting snow (our first decent one of the year actually since our winter was pretty sparse except for a lame-o ice storm, and nobody likes those), but my husband got to experience his first ever thundersnow! Yep, big beautiful wet clumpy flakes + THUNDER. Pretty cool, actually. Even though it's a bit odd to experience this snowstorm today after having already enjoyed plenty of lovely, warm weather, Wonderland is known for it's odd weather, and it's actually considered quite normal 'round these parts for situations to pop up like this. In fact, in two days the temperatures are expected to soar back up to the mid-60s. Gotta love it.

But for today, instead of complaining about this odd little storm, I'm going to sit back and enjoy the beauty of it, because it is quite beautiful. The boy asked us if Santa was coming tonight, and, being the awesome parents that we are, we told him that we thought he might be able to swing by, possibly teamed up with the Easter Bunny, to drop off a little something. I couldn't resist -- the Santa bit was just too cute. Besides, even our local NPR station was playing "Winter Wonderland" this morning on the radio, so I'm already in the spirit!


Karen said...

I want to live there.
Can I come visit for a weekend?
I neeeeed to get away!
We could hang out and talk and you could introduce me to Wonderland. I could check out Ruff Life Resort and snuggle your doggie friends. Then I could drool and ooooh and aaaaahhh over the boy and his super fab would be so fun. Mabye I would bring my boy and we could see who's badder.....

Heather said...

wasnt it so fun? What a beautiful yard you have! Love the dog house! so cute!
Love a good thundersnow....