Friday, March 27, 2009

Vintage Photo Friday

(click on the image for a closer look)

See the handsome chap on the left? Off to the side by himself, a la James Dean? That's my grandfather on my mom's side. He was a sailor. Lived the sailor's life, so to speak, fathering five little girls with my grandmother, while also enjoying a few dolls in other ports as well. Hmm. Anyway, I never met him as he passed away long before I came along. My grandmother remarried when I was three or four years old, and her husband became my grandfather, and a wonderful one he was.

Although I never met this fellow, I do love this picture. And I'm sure he would have had many an interesting tale to tell me.


Allison said...

Hi Valerie, I loved your comment...the one about me getting so much done..HA! You should see my kitchen right now, you would understand! Its hard to balance house and kid and husband and hobbies, but after bedtime is usually my time to do a fast cleanup and then onto sewing. I totally hear you on the making your house like Anthropologie, some people take vacations to get away from it all, I go to Anthropologie. I could live there. Thanks for stopping by! -Allison

Happily Ever After said...

Thanks for sharing this picture -- that is so neat that you have that bit of family history.

Karen said...

that's one fab picture my friend, I think I missed my calling, I should've lived back in those days, when men were real men and ladies dressed fancy

Paper Dolls For Boys said...

Wish I could leave a whistle hoot for a comment!