Monday, March 16, 2009

Sugar and spice...

It would be SOOOO dangerous

if I

had a little girl


I would want to

dress her

in super-cute clothes



or either of these:

or turn her into a little bathing beauty in one of these:

Of course, she would be the cat's pajamas in one of these:

The very least Boden could do is at least start making these outfits in the women's sizes, too. It's only fair.

(Can you tell my Boden catalogs came today? I'm sure Boden intends for me to get excited about the boy's clothing, but there's no competition when half the catalog is filled with these sweet concoctions.)


Happily Ever After said...

Love them! I MUST sign up for Boden catalogs!

Annie H. said...

that is only if you daughter would LET you. I have two girls and they.. wouldn't... be... caught... in those adorable duds. I've begged, bribed and cried. Not gonna happen.