Friday, April 3, 2009

I saved up all my randomness just for you.

Way too cute. I spotted this picture over on the Old School Acres blog, but it was originally found at Incredimazing.

I mean, come on, how incredibly cute is that little guy and his even more incredibly cute stripey legs?


Earth Hour 2009 -- did you participate last Saturday night? The lights were out at our house -- except for the TV. I got the "Twilight" DVD from the library (somehow I was way up on the hold list), and my husband and I watched it. I know, I know -- I was actually not a fan of the movie when I saw it in the theater, but I knew my husband might be up to watching it since he is a huge movie buff and did not go see that one. Sure enough -- he liked it. Really liked it. Hilarious, I think. I'm still, personally, not a fan of the movie, but I do like the scenery (especially the baseball scene that shows shots of Multnomah Falls in Oregon and when they climb up in the trees looking out), so I didn't mind watching it for those reasons alone. He also said the scenery was his favorite part.


I've been getting caught up on my March blocks for the quilting bee, barely in the nick of time. I didn't intend to take this long on getting them done, but Spring Break kind of threw me off for a couple of weeks.

Here is the ABC block for Stephanie K.:

And here is the spiderweb block for Sara:

Paper piecing is a brand new technique for me (used for the spiderweb block), but I really enjoyed it and I can see how these blocks could get addictive. They are a great way to use up scraps. And thanks to Stephanie K. for making a great video tutorial to help me figure it out -- if it wasn't for the tutorial, I'm not so sure I could've figured it out so easily.


Heard a good song on the radio this morning via Air 1 radio -- "My Last Amen" by the band downhere. Then I found the free download here. Coincidentally you can also get the free download for "When She's Near" by Fiction Family, a video I had shared quite a few posts back. Me, I had no idea about this little free download site and paid the 99 cents via iTunes, so I was at least happy to get this song (My Last Amen) free today. Looks like there are a few other fun ones offered up free right now via that site. And Air 1? You should definitely give them a listen if they have a radio station where you live. This is terrible, but I am not actually a huge fan of listening to Christian music on the radio -- the music is often too cheesy for my taste, the deejays are usually even cheesier, and so I normally just stick with my undiscovered Indie favorites. But my husband and I are monthly sponsors of Air 1, and it is much better (less cheesy) than your average Christian music station. Plus, the boy enjoys the music as well, and it's nice to not worry an ounce about what the lyrics might be telling his little ears (not that I listen to anything that would be inappropriate, I'm just saying). Air 1 -- check it out.


I officially canceled my Netflix account today. I have just been enjoying way too many free DVD's via our local library system. We are officially $72 a year richer.


Is it possible to dislike the latest Anthropologie catalog? I think so. For one of the first times ever, I am not all that impressed. Thank goodness they come out with new catalogs every month -- maybe May will fare better than April. Although the good news is that I will be saving my money and not spending, at least not at Anthro this month...


It was inevitable, I suppose. This week the boy finally asked a larger person, a fifty-year-old-something person, if they had a baby in their belly. Sigh. Which, of course, they didn't. And there was no dirt on the ground for me to dig and stick my head in. Thankfully they laughed and thought it was so cute. Ah yes, cute. Hmmm.


Told you this post was going to be random. Can you tell I typed little snippets here and there over the last few days where I could squeeze out some time? I promise that the "Day Three" post of the RV trip will be coming, but I am just needing to catch up on life, and right now, it's not slowing down enough to do so. (Look for it no later than Sunday night -- this weekend is a doozie!)


~Michelle~ said...

I think it's random your hubby watched Twilight without complaint! Since we don't have cable anymore, I can't deal without my our library is hard to get to with our schedules, so while I would prefer the free alternative, I'm OK spending $16/month for a continuous stream of Netflix. And I'm waiting for part 3 of the RV saga... how's that for a random comment?

Sophie said...

love the fabric..colors are great :)