Monday, April 27, 2009

Raise your hand if you love random.

A random, rainy Monday, just like I like 'em...

Today marks the four-year anniversary of my dad's passing. It's crazy to think it's already been four years since it all happened. I still miss him a whole lot, but every year that rolls around seems to get a little bit easier. I'll be keeping a close eye on my right hand ring today...

This morning I am also taking my boy to the doctor for his four-year-old check-up. This is big for two reasons: 1. I cannot, absolutely cannot believe that I am the parent now of a four-year-old!, and 2. he hasn't been to the doctor since his three-year-old check-up. Amazing, huh? My little healthy man went an entire year without any doctor visits (you can't count the time he had to go in for his flu shot because he wasn't sick). I am pretty darn excited about that point!


This weekend the mailman was good to me and brought me a DVD (via SwapaDVD) that I have been patiently waiting on for a long time:

If you haven't ever seen this one and you are a lover of old movies, you must check it out. Debbie Reynolds is fantastic -- it is such a cute movie. And of course, this movie is responsible for the fact that eventually I would love to live in the country and own a goat named "Nan".

Here's a lovely little snippet for you to watch:

The DVD is actually a triple feature with "Tammy Tell Me True" and "Tammy and the Doctor" -- these were both sequels to the original, but they had Sandra Dee instead of Debbie Reynolds and are not quite as good, in my opinion. I did love Sandra Dee as Gidget, but no one can replace Debbie Reynolds in my mind as Tammy.


I should clear this up: my Google Reader is probably not loaded with quite as many blog subscriptions as you might think (based on my post last night). One of the subscriptions is for a Flickr group of sewing photos -- those add up quickly, and this time accounted for over 250 of the unread posts I was talking about, even though in that case, they weren't really posts but separate pictures that had been uploaded of various projects people had been working on or had completed. When they add up like that, I simply hit the "mark all as read" button and move on. I am also a "skimmer" when it comes to most blog posts -- I don't always read the content word for word. But if they are my favorite blogs, I do take the time to soak up every bit of information in the posts. So that's how I roll, in case you were wondering. I really don't spend all day on the computer like you might have been assuming...


LauraJ said...

I didn't assume anything. But you could assume it of me. :)

Heather said...

yay for henry for being so healthy! And that tammy movie looks marvelous! And of course...I cant believe you have a scooter! So jealous...I really need that mint one ;) it is so fun and french!~
Let me know when you're in a vintagey day we can meet up and browse ;)

Baloney said...

You worry too much about what people think.
Hope you aren't skimming my comment.