Friday, April 17, 2009

Vintage Photo Friday

I should be cleaning toilets right about now. And scaling Mt. Everest -- the Mt. Everest of laundry, that is. And sewing superhero capes, remember?

But here I am, posting my vintage photo, all for the love of you peeps out in BlogLand.

I'm just nice that way. And humble, too. Oh yes, very humble.

I am quickly running out of vintage photos from my guest room, so I will have to hit my mom up soon for the boxes and boxes of photos in her closets, photos from both her side and my dad's. We could go on with this weekly post for years and years to come, probably until I, myself, am considered vintage, haha.

This is a portrait of my mom's grandmother on her mom's side -- you previously saw her in one of the "shopping downtown" vintage photos, the one with her and her daughter (my grandmother) shopping. I never met this great-grandmother, but one thing I especially love about this photo is that brooch she is wearing. I remember seeing that brooch at my grandmother's house once upon a blue moon. It brings back the memories of spending hours and hours digging through each of my grandmother's jewelry boxes, oohing and ahhing over the scads of costume jewelry they had. Of course, now that I am grown up, it kills me that most of it probably got sold in estate sales, etc. Such is life. Oh, and don't you just love the vintage photos that have been altered with color? I imagine it was somebody's profession to actually do that for a living back then, touching up black and white or sepia toned photos with color by hand. That would have been the job for me. Well, that or singing and playing piano in a swanky nightclub with a big band. Oh yeah.

And the little bunny ornament hanging on the frame? I got that sometime last year (or the year before, I can't exactly remember) from Marmee Craft on Etsy. That website is pure evil -- Etsy totally sucks me in and magically draws the cash right outta my wallet. I am completely defenseless when it comes to Etsy.

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woolanthropy said...

I too love the hand tinted photos. There is just something special about the little bit of blush. It is a beautiful photo and like that she has company too.