Tuesday, April 7, 2009

For he's a jolly good fellow.

Three cheers for my boy:




He just might have possibly saved the life of one of our beloved dogs this morning. He and I were in the hall bathroom brushing his teeth, and he pointed to Summer, our almost-11-year-old Golden Retriever in the hallway and said, "Mama, Summer is saking!" (shaking). Sure enough, she looked kind of like she was shivering, but it was almost so subtle I'm not sure I would have noticed otherwise. When she got up to walk down the hallway with us, she continued shaking and was somewhat slinking around as well with her tail between her legs, very uncharacteristic of her. I called my husband, who had just gone to work, and he decided to drive home immediately. Of course, after a few minutes the shaking stopped and she appeared completely normal, even wagging her tail non-stop. I tried calling my husband back to tell him not to bother after all, but it went straight to voicemail. When he got home, she was pretty much 100% normal, and I felt a bit silly for having called him. But our boy persisted: "You take her to the doctor, Papa! You take her to the doctor, Papa!" over and over again. My husband obliged.

Thirty minutes later he called me on my cell phone to let me know that she was indeed extremely sick with an internal infection. The vet said she probably ate something awful in the yard or got bit by something in the yard or got ahold of something poisonous. Regardless, he said if we hadn't brought her in, she might not have made it. After a super-shot of antibiotics, he said she should hopefully be back to her old self by Thursday. He also added that for her age, she is in extremely good shape.

So three cheers for my little hero! And thanks be to God for giving him some good intuition and persistence.


~Michelle~ said...

So we just re-watched "Signs" the other night, and I made some off-hand comment about how the only thing this movie teaches you is that kids and animals are smarter than adult humans - maybe my statement was a little off, I think kids and animals are just more intuitive sometimes - but the idea is the same. Obviously, your little boy just proved my point! He is a jolly good fellow :)

LauraJ said...

kids and animals, closest thing to God you can get!

Amy said...

Yeah, Henry! I'm so glad that Summer's going to be OK.

Amy said...

Wow! That's amazing. My dog has seizures sometimes but the vet has never found anything wrong with her. Maybe we should take her to your vet. Glad she's going to be okay.