Thursday, April 10, 2008

For my Doll Quilt 3 Swap partner

A little birdie told me I needed to post some of my likes/dislikes, favorite colors/color combos, etc. for the fabulous gal (whomever she might be!) making my quilt.

Really, I think I am pretty easy to please as far as no matter what you make, I will like it. It's just exciting to me to get something fun in the mail, something that someone took the time and effort to make specifically for me, and arriving from some far-off, exotic place, be it Hickville, USA or a foreign country!

Right now I love the colors red and robin egg blue together, but I also love orange, I love yellow, I love spring green, and I even love pink! (Well, maybe not all of those together...) As far as styles, I am big into anything vintage-looking. The vintage love extends into my whole being -- I love big band music, I love older cars, I have a scooter, I wear funky glasses, I love the more vintage-looking clothes and home decor from Anthropologie, etc., etc. I also like traditional, applique, and even some of the more modern, funky art styles of quilts.

Um, yeah, reading back over this I realize that is still a pretty broad range of things I like, but hopefully it will give you some insight.

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