Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Four Seasons Quilt Swap - Spring

Just in the nick of time -- my quilt is getting mailed out today, also going to a destination far, far away from Wonderland. This quilt is also somewhere around 20 or 21" square, made with fabrics from my local JoAnn store. The butterflies are supposed to look like they are either flying in a group, or I think it could also look like one butterfly making it's way up across the quilt. (Deep, I know. Which totally makes me think of "Deep Thoughts" by Jack Handy -- remember those on Saturday Night Live, back in the day with SNL was actually funny and a little less crude?). The butterfly fabric is also a glittery cotton, which, unfortunately, you can't tell from the pictures. I quilted it trying to mimic the four-petaled modern looking flowers on some of the fabric, and I drew them on first with my trusty water-soluble blue pencil. But now I can't seem to get the blue lines out -- the water-soluble part doesn't seem to be disappearing with water -- ugh! I guess the bright side is that it barely makes the quilting look light blue, and since that is one of the colors in the quilt, well, I think it still looks okay. I hope my partner likes it!




fiona said...

oh i love your quilt!Such great 'springy' colours! Hope it's going to Australia!

VERO said...

Thank´s Valerie !! I´m very happy
with my quilt !!! It´s lovely !!!
VerĂ³nica from Chile