Monday, April 14, 2008

Girls' Night Out

Hurray for grandma's that babysit (known around our house as Abuela). Hurray for up-and-coming musicians that stop to play at small-time venues. Hurray for girlfriends willing to leave their kiddos at home as well on a weeknight to enjoy a much-needed girls' night out.

Tonight I got to go with two of my best gal pals to see this lady live in concert:

(Feist -- "1-2-3-4")


Angel said...

OH WOW!!!! YOU HAVE GONE BLOGGER!! YAY! How did I not know this??? LOSER FRIEND HERE! :0) I am so excited. I am going to add you to my google reader right now. HOORAY! Angel

tag's team said...

And a good girls night out it was... here's to many more!