Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend recap.

*Ate California-style burgers, fries, and vanilla custard from our favorite burger joint (better than In-'N-Out, in my opinion).
*Took the boy to soccer where he was definitely not on his game. He didn't care to listen to his coach like the other kiddies, so my husband brought him home early as punishment.
*Attended a fun first birthday party for one of our favorite little guys.
*Took a long nap.
*Took the boy to see the movie "Nim's Island". No trip with my husband is ever simple, and this time was no exception. An older lady (early 70's, maybe) in front of us fell in the dark theater while trying to find her seat and dislocated her finger (looked horrific, I had to turn my head away) and scraped her leg up pretty badly. My husband, the hero, went to bat for her with the theater complex manager, got the insurance info from the theater, went with her after the movie (she wanted to sit through the movie before leaving) to the emergency room, and sat with her until she was admitted (because her loser friend left her there by herself, seriously). I jokingly refer to him as St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of the animals, because he loves to take care of anyone and anything -- and no, I'm not Catholic, I think that is the only saint I could name.
*Went to church -- the boy apparently acted up in Sunday School (never good news), but his teacher reassured us that he is almost three, after all. Ugh.
*Took another giant nap.
*Watched "Spiderman 3" from Netflix. Somehow I missed that last one in the theater, and I tell you, I really liked it!

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