Friday, April 4, 2008

Kirk's origins

So I was walking on the treadmill again today (yay, me!), watching Episode #2 of Gilmore Girls, and up on the screen pops Kirk, standing on Lorelai's porch. What Gilmore Girls fan doesn't love Kirk? Well, I was shocked when he introduced himself as "Mick", and he asked Lorelai if this was her residence. What?! Yep, it looks like Kirk started out as an extra on Gilmore Girls as a technician hired by Emily to try to install a DSL line in Lorelai's house (she turned him down). I kept thinking to myself, how did I not notice this before? Well, of course, I didn't notice it the first time because I wouldn't have known who Kirk was at that point, so I am going to be interested to see at what point Kirk becomes Kirk in the series.

Sorry if you are bored by any of this Gilmore Girls trivia, but get used to it. I plan on going all the way back through the series while I walk my hiney off on the treadmill, and I'm sure there will be much more to come.

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