Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Are they fo' reals???

I'm truly going to slap myself after this post because it totally sounds like something my parents would have said while I was a teenager, but this is just ridiculous. The July J. Crew catalog arrived in the mail today, and on page 81 you'll find these men's jeans, priced at $285.

Here's the hilarious description online:
"A hand-crafted collector's item in authentic selvedge cotton denim from one of Japan's oldest and most renowned mills. We spend hours on each pair to create a unique jean for the most discerning denim connoisseur, so we have only a handful available—and no two are quite alike. Each one is made with denim woven on the original 100-year-old narrow looms. Each pair is stonewashed, hand-distressed, hand-splattered with paint and hand-finished, giving it the kind of character only individual attention can impart."

Would you like to hear my description of these jeans? They look like something my husband would be wearing at the end of the day after having either installed drywall or painted primer. I certainly can't imagine that someone is going to pay $285 for a pair, and I would love to know how many pairs of these J. Crew actually sells. (See, I told you it would sound like something parents would say. Oh well, at least I technically am a parent now, even if I still consider myself "young". Uh, young-ish. I'm only 31, for Pete's sake!)

So, how many pairs can I put you down for?


Anonymous said...

wow... imagine what I could get for the mans grease stained work pants and overalls.... we could be sitting on a gold mine....lol

Margaret aka Supermom said...

I can get 6 pair and the can of paint in ANY color for that price :-)

Stephanie said...

I have to agree with you on this one! Those jeans look like old "grubbies" that someone might hold on to for work days and painting days around the house. Definitely not a fashion statement...or at least not the kind I would want my husband to make.