Sunday, June 8, 2008

Earning my granny points

Thanks for all of the love on the Spring Fling quilt! It has opened up a new door of quilting to me -- the whole side of hand-quilting, and I can see where I might start doing quite a bit more hand-quilting in the future, maybe even venture into the world of stencils and fancy patterns. Oh my!

Speaking of quilts, I am earning more and more "granny points" every day. I say "granny points" because I feel I am cruising steadily down the road to Grannyville -- with my love of quilts and sewing and baking and all of that. And, of course, I say that with the utmost respect and joy because I think eventually I am going to love being a granny, and by the time I reach that age, heck, I should be pretty darn good at it! Kind of like if there was Girl Scouts for adult women, we could call it Granny Scouts, and fill up our sashes with patches, haha. Anyway, I earned some granny points on Friday with a little trip to the local quilt show. This was really my first quilt show to attend (besides the State Fair), and it didn't disappoint. There were so many beautiful quilts there. It was really neat to see such a variety, and even if they all weren't my taste in style or whatever, I can tell you I have the utmost respect for all of those quilts and how long it took to make them, especially now that I know how long hand-quilting, etc. can take.

I took a couple of pictures of some of my favorites. (I'm sorry I don't know who made each of these since I didn't take along a pen and paper to write down the sources.)

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I AM said...

Yes, I'm quite the granny quilter too. I just started hand-quilting my first project ever...while on the bus. I can't believe how many strange looks I was getting (I'm only 32!).