Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret.

What I am about to tell you is not known to many people. If I tell you, you must promise not to be all hatin' on me...

It is true. I watch "The Bachelorette".

There. I said it. But I can explain myself.

It is the summer. And we all know, summer = reruns. Not to mention the fact that all my favorite shows are droppin' like flies. And there really aren't that many movies I'm dying to watch from Netflix.

So what's a girl to do? Well, this one tunes in weekly to "The Bachelorette". (Ah, it feels good to get that off my chest.)

Now, I have to give myself some credit. I have not watched every season of "The Bachelor/The Bachelorette". I started out watching the first few seasons, but then, ABC started to drop the ball. Actually, looking back on that first season, I have to laugh. Alex? Really? He was supposed to be all sexy and charming and eye-candy-ish? Yipes. (Seriously, if you think back over some of the dudes that ABC has offered up for the ladies, it will make you laugh. Some of them, well, no way. No. No. No.) The "contestants" (if you want to call them that, and, usually, I think it is a fitting term) have gotten sleazier and sleazier throughout the seasons. The bachelors (and bachelorettes) have been nothing to write home about. And I didn't even watch the season where Brad Womack dissed this poor girl, so I missed out on her first experiences with the show. But this girl seems a bit different. I really like her. DeAnna seems to have a very good head on her shoulders, seems to be making some good choices, trying to be fair and right, and the guys don't seem like complete losers. It's going to be interesting to see who she picks in the end. I tried searching for spoilers online, and it seems like the consensus has it down to Jason (the single dad) and Jesse (the snowboarder).

Who do you think DeAnna will end up with?

or Jesse?

I must say, watching "The Bachelorette" really drives it home that I am so thankful I didn't need a show like that to find my dreamboat, and that I am so blessed to have a great man to share my life with. So see, the show's not ALL bad. But I certainly could do without any more references or shots of Trista and Ryan and their baby. I'm sure they're nice and all, but man, am I the only one who finds them nauseating?

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