Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I'm back. I really can't believe I slacked for so long on putting up a post, and I am surprised I even have any readers left, so thank you, oh faithful friends out there.

So what explains my absence? Well, nothing really. Just a whole string of days where there wasn't really anything big planned, and yet I never felt like there were enough hours in the day to get all the things done that I wanted to get done. And for all of the wishing that 24 hours could magically stretch into 36, I still didn't really accomplish a whole lot, not compared to so many of the other industrious bloggers out there, the ones whose posts I read daily, amazed that it seems like every single day there is a new completed quilt or a new craft project or something impressive to show for their time.

However, I did get a few things crossed off my long "to-do" list.

The three quilts I had sent off for long-arm quilting finally came back (I think they were gone almost three months), and I got the binding done on all three. That was quite a chore!
One went to our cleaning lady, another went to my mom (both of those are the darker quilts), and the lighter colored bird quilt was for me to keep. It's already been put to good use, and is the perfect size for three little greyhounds to burrow under.

Today I bought the binding fabric, the backing fabric, and the batting to finish up another quilt. This time I bought bamboo batting -- have any of you used it yet? It looked comparable to the all-cotton I normally buy, but I guess it is a "green" batting, better for the environment. Well, maybe not better, because wouldn't 100% cotton be good for the environment, too? Man, what isn't "going green" these days?! I think I will be tackling the quilting of it myself rather than sending it off for a lengthy trip to the long-arm quilter. I haven't yet decided though if I will machine quilt it or try hand-quilting again. I kind of got to where I enjoyed doing the hand-quilting, but man, that would take a lot longer since this is a lap quilt size and not 2'x2' like the Round Robin quilt.

Last week a good friend went and surprised me and bought a scooter! So now I'll have a good buddy to ride around with, and I am so excited about that. She entrusted me with the big job of riding her brand new scooter (with absolutely NO miles on it) home for her from the shop, since she had yet to learn how to ride it. That was a bit nerve-wracking -- I've never had an accident on my scooter (thank you, Jesus), but I was hoping and praying my first one wouldn't be on her brand new one! Thank goodness, I got it to her house with no problem.

Wonderland has also been having record amounts of rain. (No, I don't live in Iowa, bless all their hearts.) And record amounts of crazy thunderstorms have meant that the chimney in the basement has been leaking again occasionally. Here is a pic of my "brilliant" solution for now to catch the rain and keep the carpet from being soaked.
See the little hole? During that particular evening, it had enough water steadily pouring out of it that I had to empty that Rubbermaid container 3 times. Yep, we have got to get ourselves a chimney man to come fix it.

It is quite unfortunate, however, that our boy is still having poo issues. Trust me when I say that yesterday was NOT a good day for us. Again, if that boy is fully potty-trained by the time he goes to college, it will be a miracle. I am hoping that someday soon this blog will be a "poo-free" blog, and I will no longer have to resort to telling poo stories. Yep, I never dreamed that my glamorous life would include talking about bodily functions. Ah, the life of a mother...


Niki said...

Thanks for joining just us quilters! hugs.

Louise said...

Wow you have done heaps - much more than I have. But I have to work at my own speed and really life is just sooo busy at the moment. Very cool that you now have a riding partner- I'm so impressed with you guys!