Friday, June 13, 2008

Shame on me.

I skipped a whole week with no explanation. And I really don't have any solid excuses for my absence, save for the fact that this week was just one of those weeks where I had a whole lot I wanted to accomplish, had a whole lot of free time (free from appointments, etc.), and yet, I never felt there was enough time! Does that ever happen to you? And, of course, true to my own self, I didn't even scratch the surface on my long, long list of unfinished projects.

I promise I will return tomorrow, back and better than ever, and with pictures. Because I know you don't want to read too many wordy posts with no pictures, right?

Nighty-night, Bloggerville...

1 comment:

Louise said...

Thanks so much for the comment about your bag - I'm glad you're enjoying it. Do you know I haven't made myself a bag!! I will have to fix that asap. My oldest daughter Chloe has finally succumbed to this stupid bug and I have been up with her since about 5am. Another quiet day at home for us. Maybe I can make a bag while she sleeps! :)