Friday, June 20, 2008

A good day. No, a great day. No, the happiest day of the year!

Do you know why this is the happiest day of the year? Maybe because my son went POO ON THE POTTY TWICE IN THE LAST 24 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can still hardly believe it even happened. After some very difficult months, it feels surreal to be typing this out even, that he really did it. And not only did he do it, he told me he needed to go sit on the potty both times, which also never happens. Folks, I believe we have FINALLY reached a turning point. And for me, just starting out in my 31st year of life, never thinking that my greatest wish at this point would be for my son to poo in the potty, well, I am just basking in the glow of it all.

According to a news story this morning on Good Morning America (no, I don't watch it, but I saw the video on Yahoo news), today officially is the "happiest day of the year". Today, June 20th, has been proven scientifically through this formula, O + (NxS) + Cpm/T + He, to be the happiest day of the year.

Outdoor Activity + (Nature x Social Interaction) + Childhood Memories/Temperature + Holidays

Some British psychologist actually came up with the formula, taking in account all the things people love best about summer. The study was actually funded by an ice cream company, so keep that in mind, but it is kind of fun to think that today is officially so happy and not just because my son made the big breakthrough, haha...

I read this hilarious entry on the "Freshly Picked" blog today (you can find the blog on the right in my long list if you want to visit) regarding her body image, and I bet most of us could relate (I know I can):

"Dear Early 20's Body,

We were so great together. I miss you. I know that together we can never be what we once were. But I have such fond memories of you. I have feeling very melancholy about you because in just 5 short months I will be turning 30 (eek!).

I really wish that I had appreciated you when I had you. I feel as though I was always too hard on us. Sheesh why couldn't I have just stopped & enjoyed you? I am sorry. If I could go back, I would rock you steady - that I promise you.

I am glad for the memories that we have together. Remember how we could eat whatever we wanted? Remember how flat our stomach was? I often think fondly of the smoother, firmer, higher, locked & loaded us. And I guess that I should be happy that I will always have the tight times to get me through the saggier times.

If you see my 30's body around somewhere, could you apologize for me in advance. Because in 10 years I am sure that I will appreciate her more

Thanks for the memories.

Love Susan"

Amen, sista. Amen.

And for your viewing pleasure today we have the lovely Feist, singing "I Feel it All":

Just in case you might have been wondering, this makes for excellent dance parties in the kitchen. I already tested it out.

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